Power Lines

Power Lines

Power Lines

Though power lines are essential to distributing electricity to your home or office, they are not designed for human contact. It is extremely dangerous to touch a power line, whether it is overhead or has fallen on the ground. The following guidelines will help keep you safe.

  • Report any downed lines to Greenville Utilities immediately by calling our toll-free Emergency hotline at 1-855-767-2482. Do not touch a downed line or anyone in contact with the line. Always assume a downed line is live. 

  • Never make contact with overhead power lines while:
    • Trimming trees.
    • Using fruit-picking poles.
    • Working on a roof.
    • Installing or removing an antenna or satellite dish.
    • Using a long-handled pool skimmer.
    • Using and carrying metal ladders.
    • Moving a boat with a mast.

  • Do not remove anything caught in power lines -- not even an animal. Instead, call GUC's Emergency Hotline immediately at 1-855-767-2482.

  • Beware of a downed power line touching a vehicle. Stay clear of the vehicle and the power line. If a power line touches your vehicle while you are inside, remain calm and follow these directions:
    • If you can do so safely, stay inside the vehicle until emergency assistance arrives.
    • Warn others to stay away from the vehicle and have them call GUC.
    • If you must get out of the vehicle for safety reasons, jump clear. Do not touch the vehicle and the ground at the same time.


Look Up…Look Out! 
Click here for information about the High Voltage Safety Act and working near overhead power lines.

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