GUC Adjusts Gas Rates

Posted by clarklc Tuesday, November 1, 2016 8:18:00 AM

Greenville Utilities will be adjusting natural gas rates for its customers based on rising wholesale gas prices, effective November 1. This is the first increase for GUC customers in more than two years. A typical residential natural gas customer using 50 ccf will see an increase of about $3.17 per month.

Wholesale natural gas prices have increased due to anticipated higher natural gas usage this winter heating season, and a reduction in supply. The increase in supply costs will be reflected in the purchased gas adjustment in customers' bills.

Since April 2015, Greenville Utilities has used the purchased gas adjustment three times to reduce customers' bills, for a total reduction of about $10.18 per month based on average residential usage. This is the first time since March 2014 GUC has had to implement a purchase gas adjustment to increase customers' bills.

"We like to remind customers that the natural gas rate is just one component of the total bill," said Anthony Miller, Director of Gas Systems. "Usage is another, and customers can make a big difference by controlling the amount of energy they use."

GUC offers tips and videos on how customers can reduce their bills and home energy usage. For more details, visit or call the GUC Energy Services office at 551-1521.




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